In the first place to pass on the knowledge I gained through the past 33 years of experience in the field of television. Secondly, to pursue a lifelong dream of being a determining factor in what a viewer will see on their screen(s).


I am a ‘hands-on’ team leader and motivator. Sports is my background. I therefore understand the principles of dedication and devotion in reaching a goal. As a sportsman (competing at the highest levels), executive producer, studio director, creative director, and manager I know how to lead a group of people to perform to their limits. I also love to entertain, but as I am not the artist myself, I try to entertain through the results of my work.    


After 33 years of working for several major production companies under which TALPA, Endemol and Sony Pictures International as a senior production executive, senior consultant, flying producer, creative director, executive producer and studio director, I think there is enough knowledge to go around for anybody who seeks it.

Educated as a teacher (physical education), I enjoy transfering knowledge, be it television production, multi-camera directing or program developement.

I speak two languages fluently (Dutch and English) and two languages reasonably well (Portugese and German). I can adapt very easily to any working environment, wherever it is in the world, I have a huge experience in reality, gameshow and large entertaiment programs, and, above all: I am very passionate for what I do.